Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lazing around

Doing what we do best. . . nothing!

Advertisement pose, pass

Arrogant pose, pass without effort

Bum pose, pass naturally

Big boys of aaza

Smart pose, fail

When its time to work. . . we go on autopilot mode

"What! You don't know how to pose? Everyone knows how to pose. Let me point the camera in your direction to prove a point."

Preparing to disco dance

Preparation to fart

Welcome to aaza, a firm of possibilities and bums

Farewell lunch

Note: Yes my pictures are underexposed

It was a fine day for a farewell an Mr. Azhar treated us to Chicken Rice in a nearby stall.


Imagine a long haired lady behind him

And one behind him too

Carrying weights

Thank you aaza

Day 41: Departure

25th July

I arrived late at work today as I had to make an appointment with the doctor foremost. I was sick but was reluctant to obtain a sick leave as today would be my last day. I came into office today prepared to tackle my final task at aaza.

  • Look into Office Library
  • Look into Bukit Tunku
  • Progress Report
  • Farewell salute

Office Library

As today was my final day at aaza, I set out to accomplish what I have been assigned to do since the very first day. It was obvious that I would not be able to complete this task but hopefully I would be able to reduce the burden of filing the catalogs after I leave. I started labeling necessary folders following different categories and made sure the labeling was colored to keep things more organized. However, due to the unnecessary system I have prolonged the task even further and ended up going home without accomplishing much.

Bukit Tunku Project

Finally I was assigned to work on some photoshop work. Mr. Azhar would be presenting some designs and requested for a nice colored drawing. I managed to pick up a few tricks from Wafie and will probably find it useful in the future.

Progress Report

I presented my progress report and timesheet marking the end of my final day at aaza. Going through the report, Mr. Azhar realized that I had indeed partaken in a great number of projects. Small talk came right after. Finally he presented me with my check with an added bonus of RM100 from the contract. We shook hands a few times before I finally walked out of his office.

Farewell salute

My farewell was a short and brief one since it was a small firm. Got a present from my colleagues unwrapped even till now, shook hands with everyone and exchanged information.

End of Day 41

Day 40: Farewell lunch

24th July

As I entered into the office, I comfortably sat on Hady’s seat again as I heard news that he extended his sick leave.

  • Look into Bukit Tunku Project
  • Progress Report
  • Farewell lunch

Bukit Tunku Project

I started work past noon on the project and only updated the bathroom layout plans. The layering on the project was a little out of place and with Amir’s help I managed to correct part of it before it was time to go home.

Progress Report

I spent half of the day working on the progress report which was supposed to be presented today but Mr. Azhar left home from work earlier than I had expected. Therefore, I assume the report presentation would be held tomorrow.

Farewell lunch

Mr. Azhar treated us to chicken rice in a stall nearby the firm. Not bad a choice. We had small talks and laughs. I am grateful indeed for the free treat. We had chicken rice, some add-ons and fruits.


Honestly I feel heavy hearted as tomorrow will be my last day at the firm. I can proudly claim my first ever working experience is great.

End of Day 40

Day 39: Computer upgrade

23rd July

Arrived at work and found out that Hady applied for sick leave today. That means I get to use his computer; a faster, bigger, better and slimmer computer. In an unrelated matter, my thumb drive is at home plugged into my CPU . . . which means I have to redo what was needed today from what had been done yesterday.

  • Look into Bukit Tunku Project
  • Office library

Bukit Tunku Project

Since I left my thumb drive back home, I had to redo the M&E and piping layout for the Bukit Tunku project. The ordeal lasted till noon and the task was completed. After lunch break, there were multiple printing errors and that took up till about 1500.

Office library

I continued on the office library’s filing system after the Bukit Tunku Project. Not much time was spent on this task however as it was boring . . . obviously.


I made a prank call to Hady today with my spare phone. It worked well which means; I am a professional prank caller and . . . I am so screwed tomorrow. Mr. Azhar requested for a report for the past two months tomorrow. That makes two times the screwness I am about to experience.

End of Day 39

Day 38: Office boy

22nd July

Learned my lesson from the previous day and brought coins worth three days of parking. After I paid for my parking, I set my alarm timer and slept. Woke up a few minutes later; a minute before the alarm rang.

  • Look into Amin Rafie Project
  • Look into Bukit Tunku Project
  • Office Library

Amin Rafie Project

I started the day by tracing demolished lines on the submission drawings. The process took up some time as drawings were small and I wanted a thorough job. I stopped at the third set of drawings and was requested to work on another project instead which was deemed more urgent.

Bukit Tunku Project

Spent my time with the M&E layout on this project. Determining the position of the switches, telephone lines, astro lines, mechanical ventilation and lightings. This is to ensure that the client would be satisfied with the positioning before construction works start.

Office Library

Ever since I entered this firm, I was told that I was supposed to work on the filing of the office library. It never happened until today as Mr. Azhar realized that I am ending training this week. I had to look up our library with tonnes of brochures and sort them out according to specific components. The library is huge and I probably will be continuing this task tomorrow. . .


Working on the office library's filing system was not exactly the ending I had in mind in this firm but someone has to do it. Besides working on the library, I made drinks for everyone; to be more precise, I made a drink and filled a jug therefore accessible to anyone who wants to drink sweet 'Rosella'.

End of Day 38

Day 37: Human virus

21st July

I forgot to grab coins one the way to work thus panic ensured me when I arrive at work only to rely on the small change in my car. FORTUNATELY, I had just enough; not a cent to more or less. Thank the heavens. . .

  • Look into Kota Damansara Project
  • Look into Amin Rafie Project

Kota Damansara Project

I started working on the As-Built drawings assigned to me by Mr. Azhar. As I managed to get an hours work done, the computer failed me and shut down without prior warning. It was early and I thought I could redo what I did, I did just that. After completing what I did earlier, I progressed further when the computer failed me again. It was different this time however as the computer was stuck at blurred screen. I restarted and decided to work on it one last time. The outcome was the same as I progressed further then I had previously.

Amin Rafie Project

I started manual rendering the Amin Rafie Project drawings required for submission. The ammount of work on this is nothing compared to Tayton View Project so I just let my hand do the working while my mouth was elsewhere doing something else.


After numerous failed attempts do work on the Kota Damansara Project, I decided to walk around the office on idle mode. I came across Amir working and decided to help him issue a letter. I had writers block and decided to use the main server to access the internet. I somehow managed to completely wipe out the internet access in the office without touching anything relevant. Amir spent a few minutes trying to get the world wide web back into our hands. It seems I can infect a computer by just a mere touch; my computer is on its worse case of lagging since the history of mankind, Amir's computer has slowed down drastically till opening Adobe Photoshop takes almost thirty minutes, Hady's computer is infected but does not show signs yet and the main server's internet access is gone. . . which means OUR internet access.

End of Day 37